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Medical Supplies Donation Program

At the Clinic, we love being good stewards of resources and recycle and upcycle whenever we can.  Many times we are asked, "Do you take donations?" and "What types of donations do you accept?"  Here are some guidelines to help us all maximize our resources and upcycle when we can!

Medications: We do accept sealed, unopened prescription and over the counter medications.  If we cannot use them for our patients, we safely dispose of them through the Illinois EPA.

Medical Equipment and Supplies: Although we sometimes have a unique patient need when specialized equipment is necessary, we do keep some steadfast guidelines so we don't become a dumping ground of unwanted items.

We are always looking for more:

  • Nebulizers and tubing/masks
  • Sealed, unopened insulin
  • Diabetic equipment: new, unopened syringes; lancets; pen needles
  • New, unopened Ensure

We do not accept (because our patients don't normally need them):

  • IV Poles
  • Hospital beds
  • Tube feeding supplies
  • C-Pap machines
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Diabetic glucose meters or testing strips


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Every dollar invested provides $15 in free health care to our patients.